About Likhbo

What is Likhbo?

Likhbo is the first-ever non-profit, online content writing job portal of Bangladesh. It is the gateway for thousands of unrevealed talents of our country who wants to build their career as a writer.

Why Likhbo?

Likhbo is a platform for people who have good content writing skills. It is the place for these youngsters to build up their career & also make money. The content writing industry is one of the leading industries in the world. This is also a growing sector in our country & we believe you guys will make it better.

Our Goal

Likhbo wants to create job opportunities for jobless peoples of our country. From Likhbo, you can learn how to be a good content writer, what is the size of this industry, why you should be a writer & so on. You can get writing jobs as well as all types of job circulars in our country.

Our Belief

We believe that people of all ages can be a part of Likhbo. We also think that Likhbo is the best place for students for building their career as a writer. Moreover, it is the platform specially made for you. You need to utilize it properly.

Quick Career Tips

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