A. K. M Shafayet Islam

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Hello, I am A.K.M Shafayet Islam. Currently, I am pursuing my BBA degree with a major in Marketing at the University of Dhaka.

For the past one and a half years, I have been working as a content creator in Quizards, one of the first edutainment (education + entertainment) websites of our country. I have been writing pieces & producing ideas for educational & entertainment purposes for the organization. During my time in Quizards, I have worked with organizations like Action Aid Bangladesh and A2i on various campaigns which expanded my researching skills.

I am also working as an Intern at Quixx, a SaaS based delivery management Software Company. My job includes working as an editor, content writer & the chief coordinator of the Content Development team.

Currently I am working as a management associate in the Branding & Content wing in Spartans’ Communication Club, one of the prominent business communication clubs of University of Dhaka. I am also working as an executive in the Content Development sector of Dhaka University Marketing Club which specializes in communicating ideas related to Marketing in 21st century. As a member of the content team, I, along with my team, am in charge of handling both of the clubs’ social media accounts and creating social media contents.

I am confident, self-motivated, and I love producing interactive contents. During my time of working with various organizations, I learned to emphasize and treasure their brand and mission, and I would love to transfer that knowledge and passion to my workplace. I am a creative thinker, but I work well in a team and love having the ability to bounce ideas off of other creative, like-minded thinkers.

As an undergraduate student majoring in Marketing and working with various organizations as a content creator, I believe I have the potential to make an impact on your organization and contribute to your team.


Government Laboratory High School GPA 5
University of Dhaka BBA in Marketing

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