Fardin Khan Shupto

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Dear Hiring Manager,

As a B2B writer and versatile individual who has gone through a gamut of experiences from teaching, to sales, volunteering and beyond, I can only say that the advertised position thrilled me.

Though I stumbled upon my writing career, my passion is writing about Story, Innovative, Nature, Culture.

You are asking for a person with strong written/verbal communication and problem-solving skills who is detail-oriented and able to learn quickly based on edits, feedback and direction. My site features such skills in both English and Bengali.

As for why I chose your company, it’s certainly because I thrive in a collaborative, innovative “start-up” culture. I am by nature a “team person”. I can learn more by doing your job as a story translator in your team. Thus, teamwork brings out the best in me; it also drives me to become more entrepreneurial.

Last but not least, I value the work life balance you offer, for it enhances my happiness which in turn enhances my creativity and productivity both at the personal and professional level.

In hopes of becoming part of your team!


Fardin Khan Shupto

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